Enjoy Savings and Comfort Year Round

Temperature imbalances inside the building-uncomfortable cool or hot zones from sunny or shady areas-can be controlled with our films. After installation, all of the space can be used in comfort, including the area adjacent to the windows. In addition, multiple savings opportunities are realized. Temperature control considerably reduces air conditioning costs. By reducing demand in peak times, window film extends the life of most HVAC equipment. When it comes to cost containment and comfort, film installation is a winning decision.

Increased Safety and Security options

You can enjoy the benefits of heat, UV, and glare control, and opt for more security, too. Our Safe PlusTM films combine the solar control benefits of our other film series with advanced security technology, giving you great value and increased safety. Glass breakage happens from any number of causes-from environmental effects like high winds or earthquakes to man-made threats like vandalism, violence, or bomb blasts. The dangerous results of shattering sheets or flying shards of glass are avoided with the appropriate choice of security film. Several levels of protection are available.

We offer a full line of safety films and also anti graffiti films to protect your business againts vandalism.

Call us to make an appoiment to give you an estimate or if you would like to do your own measurements to get a quote by email see instructions below.


1. Always measure your windows as if they were a rectangle or square even if they are rounded.


2. Measure every individual pane of glass, the height and the width and add one inch to each dimension which will allow for trimming during installation.


3. Send all measurements in the following format example:


3 panes 31"x27"

5 panes 66"x32"

1 pane 18"x77"


4. Call us or use our contact us page.

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